Szeged Timelapse
„One of the Best Contents”
The forerunner of this video is the Timelapse Szeged (2012), a widely popular creation of ours: it was watched by more, than 380 thousand viewers and 250 webpages borrowed it from 151 countries of the world: in only one year. After the success of this video, we decided to create a second one of this kind. The hyper lapse technique became pretty famous abroad at this time, making the videos alive, and much more impressive. We are the pioneers of using this technique in Hungary. Similarly to the one we created in 2012, this second video with hyper lapse technique became a real success, spread as a virus among community sites and got real recognition among the professionals as well.
From the first step till the last
After we studied the hyper lapse technique in detail, we already knew that this is the direction we need to follow when making our second video. Six months of testing, information gathering, and trying - restless trying was needed to learn the tricks. In the video, we wanted to add some extra information to the pictures, so we drew buildings, statues in flat style and we also included some details about the constructions: the name of the designer and the date of creation.
The project is the result of uncountable hours of shooting, planning, and post production - of course all of them were done together as a team. But let the numbers speak for themselves: 180 days of shooting, 22 thousand photos (adding up to 372GB raw material), 5 weeks of post - production, cutting, stabilizing and color grading. To prepare the soundtrack for the video, we Attila Kothencz: the theme song dates back to the sound of the old city of Szeged.
Our time lapse video has been experiencing huge amount of views since the first day of its launch. Since then, it reached more than 650 thousands views, by 140 webpages from 146 countries. Not only the online audience, but also the professionals found it worthy. It has appeared several times on movie screens, and we were invited to present, introduce our project to the audience. Besides, in 2004, it was given the title of the 3rd most creative project of the survey carried out for the Highlights of Hungary.
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