Restless - Leather Goods
The conception of the brand is the typical example of demand’s meeting the supply. The trademark ‘Restless’ was created by two graphic designers with the aim to make a quality brand by re - thinking everyday accessories. Unlike mass - produced goods, the number of their products is limited. Their previous works reflect their attitude towards perfection. As for the material: they became addicted to using leather. Their products are characterized by quality, functionality and creativity: they create unique patterns and design in a unique packaging. Basically, they targeted those (from the young adults to the middle - aged people) who prefer quality, characteristic design, and know that it is all about the details. Restless is more than a brand: it represents quality, hand - sewn materials in an exclusive, handcrafted packaging.
From the first step till the last
Our task was to introduce a ‘mini brand’ through a classic, vintage - style photo-shooting. However, the brand was mostly widespread among the street wear-, underground-, and hip-hop subcultures; now the aim was to change directions and extend the target group. They created a brand new quality product line, using different materials, techniques, while succeeding in a previously unknown area.
At the studio shooting, we prepared image - and product photos as well. For the image photo shooting - in order to be authentic - we created workshop - like scenery. The color scheme and character of the photos are mostly pleasing, warm and rustic. For the product photo shooting, we chose white background, so that the product became the center of attention. We aimed at using several different angles at the shooting; plus, we prepared closer shots of the belt buckles, the sewing, and the patterns. It was important to emphasize the uniqueness of the brand, as each product has a unique hangtag and an exclusively patterned and painted box.
Change and development are of extreme importance for the Restless team. The two founders of the brand love creating new, different pieces, without making any compromise in terms of the quality of the materials they use or the design they create: they continually aim to do the best, on a high - quality level. The photo-shot we created was a contribution to the brand. We believe that we managed to emphasize the main characteristics of the new wave: quality, functionality, and creativity. As the brand has outgrown the Hungarian market, it often appears on international design events.
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