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„To Spread, and Broaden Human Knowledge”
One of the highest priorities of the University of Szeged is to preserve the internationally competitive research character of the university. Its aim is to remain a highly prestigious institution serving both scientific and community purposes. Furthermore it aims to meet the international standards of an R+D center. The University had established several strategic partnerships with the technical members of the R+D+I and also with the ELI which is Europe's most modern laser research facility. Besides the highest quality education, the 19 doctoral schools and the internationally acknowledged research team are the organizers and executers of various researches on different fields. At the four faculties of the University of Szeged there are 14 operating research teams that are supported by the MTA (the Hungarian Academy of Sciences). The new assignment we were given by the university - to introduce the research potential for the foreign professionals - is the result of our previous cooperation with the institution.
From the first step till the last
In the project we had to create three videos about the University of Szeged. The first one introduces the R+D activities: it demonstrates the fields of the research and development. For the image - videos that meant to introduce the educational potential and the highlighted research fields, we created a standard intro together with the Missing Cloud team. The music for the video was created by the Black Hole Sound Studio. At the beginning of the video we introduce the result and fields of research.
We separated the video into 3 blocks. In the first one we displayed the R+D potential of the university. The second part was about the basic research and the clusters summarizing them. These clusters were connected to the fields of chemistry - material science - nanotechnology; neuroscience; physiology - immunology - dermatology, or the laser research. The last one was used as a cross-connection between the second and third video blocks.
In the 3rd video block we summarized the results of the applied researches, for example the Petro - Chemical researches we have done together with "MOL" and we introduced the "ELI" laser research center. ELI is currently the biggest scientific investment in the European Union. Owing to the world-famous laser - physicists and laser - physical institution of Szeged, the ELI center was built not only in Prague and Bucharest, but also in Szeged.
We reached our goals by creating this video: we successfully presented the diversified research fields of the University, and contributed to the institution's industrial relations. Furthermore, we contributed to the popularization of the research fields among future students. We believe that these short films representing the research and education in the institution will help the university in the future.
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