Open Air Festival
„Behind the Scenes”
The Open Air Festival in Szeged has been a well - known event and among the Hungarian cultural festivals since 1931. Due to the restoration of Dom Square and the modernization of the Votive Church, in 2014 the auditorium - unlike in the previous years - was set up back to the Votive Church. For this reason, a completely new stage was needed. The Layher Corporation was in charge to prepare the settings. The Corporation, which is present in 140 countries worldwide, built a new stage, sound - and light towers at the Square. The quality work and high level of professionalism is mostly represented by their previous works: they had built a similar stage in Sydney and in other European countries as well. Besides, they had proved several times in Hungary before, as the stages used at Miss Saigon, Sziget Festival, or at the Balaton Sound Festival are also built up by Layher elements.
From the first step till the last
To build the stage for the Open Air Festival in Szeged was a project of high priority for the Layher Corporation. For this reason, they wanted to record their work, using high quality photos and videos. We aimed at preparing a material, which can be used by them as a reference not only on their webpage, but in their publications as well.
With the 34 - day - long shooting, the 760 GB sized raw material, and the 4 photo shooting, we finally succeeded at creating a video for the client, living up to their expectations. They have been publishing it proudly since then, in Hungary and abroad too.
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