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„Play Your Own Music”
Pocket Games is a Budapest-based application-developer group established in 2012. At the first meeting, we could already see that this is the place where a good idea always finds its way. Since the establishment of the company, they have been facing the challenges together as one. Their main aim is to create games, which can offer an excellent user experience. The co-founder (and also a studio - leader) of the Pocketgames - PG Gábor - contacted us presenting their idea of a video, which introduces their soon - to - be released application, highlighting the most important functions of the game - and providing them with a high user-experience at the same time. Plus, they also wanted to popularize the game - already running on the Android platform - among the IOS users as well.
From the first step till the last
As in each and every game, the goal is the same: to collect points. When the game begins, the user has to choose a music, which is then analyzed by the app, and later the game is going to be built based on the beat of the music. The colors of the game are also changing - adapting to the mood of the chosen song. Since the choice of music is infinite, there aren’t two games of the same kind. Our video is based on the main character (a spaceship), which is positioned in the center of the picture. The video is set up of 3D-, and Google Maps renders combined with shot scenes. It was a challenge to combine the animated scenes shot by drones and gimbals in a way that the audience not to perceive these changes.
The shooting took place in the Graphisoft Park in Budapest. The spaceship coming from the space gets to the Earth through a map (visually through the Google Maps). From here, it reaches the phone of our gamer through drone-, and a gimbal clips. While introducing the game, we simply used a screen capture technique and labels to show the game’s main characteristics. We worked together with the Missing Cloud group on this project; they created the animation and were responsible for the communication with the clients.
The one - day shooting was followed by some weeks of post - production. Our video debuted on YouTube and on other social media sites, and proved to be a real success among the youngsters. The campaign has finally reached its goal: the game was successfully launched on iOS platform as well. Download and try it yourself!
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