Kapca Café and Bistro
Make Burgers with Love
„Street Food in a Different Way”
In the last few years the street food culture has changed a lot - not only worldwide, but also in Hungary. Today, almost every pub, diner and restaurant has created their own, special homemade burgers - much to the delight of the growingly critical customers. In Szeged, Kapca is undoubtedly the pioneer of the burger - eating culture. It is not by chance that many believe that the best burgers in town are made here. Here, burgers are made heartily, using hand - picked ingredients. Each and every burger contains 200 grams of quality beef, and is served with freshly picked vegetables. Since their opening, we have been trying and testing their menu. Our visits there are mostly driven by our growing gastronomic interest, but as they are in our neighborhood, we don’t need to make great effort to pay them a visit every now and then. After all, we love their burgers. And, as we are dedicated to their work, we gave birth to the idea of shooting a creative video for them, which does not only show their day - to day work in their kitchen, but also demonstrates their attitude towards the gastro culture and catering.
From the first step till the last
The idea of the shooting was mainly driven by our overflowing energies: we created them a video in which we explain what makes a homemade quality burger. Quality ingredients, careful preparation, perfect serving and, of course, dedicated work - all without making any compromise. The basis of our video is the process of burger - making. It starts with the introduction of ingredients, which is followed by the process of roasting and creating the burger, and the last step is the serving - presented in a one and a half minute long video.
As their burgers are craft burgers, we found it extremely important to work with handwritten labels. We made several plans, tried numerous styles for each of the ingredients; and finally we used the most characteristic ones in the video. The hand - drawn letters and illustrations were digitalized, and animated. The colors of the labels and drawings are in line with those of the ingredients.
After some weeks of post - production, we finally prepared a video we think worth watching for several reasons. On one hand, considering its professional background, we created a convincing, appetizing material with professional color grading, and unique, animated letters. And, on the other hand, once the video is watched, the reservation of a table in Kapca is assured.
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