Coca Cola
Burn Sticker Campaign
„Stickers Everywhere”
The Burn energy drink debuted in Hungary in 2007, and is currently available in 80 different countries worldwide. The burning fire flames on the black can do not only characterize and identify the Coca Cola’s energy drink, but also reflect the philosophy behind the brand. Burn symbolizes the power that keeps the consumers inspired and creative. The brand plays an active role in supporting extreme sport events and music festivals. In the promotion campaign, consumers buying two cans of Burn energy drinks at the same time got a vinyl sticker as a gift. The promotion was available nationwide, but only in smaller shops. To design the brand’s stickers, the Burn’s team selected 12 graphic designers and artists - including us. We wanted to come up with special plans and ideas to create unusual appearance, size and form. Our aim was to create stickers that the consumers collect and post willingly.
From the first step till the last
We came up with more options for the plans. We wanted to mix stylish, cool, street art - like elements (typical of the target group), with the essence of the brand’s name. We prepared plans, outlines, and drawings in different styles: these are not only cool when used together; but they also look great separately. The result of designing is a long - lasting vinyl sticker which was given to the consumers as a gift. Its function totally prevails: really cool stickers that young people really love, and find it cool to post on their stuffs: on skateboards, laptops, or helmets. The result: stickers are everywhere; they can be seen by everyone: these can be posted, or shared on online media platforms.
The promotion of the brand was a real success: the campaign was extended, and more of our designs were reprinted: these were not only made as vinyl stickers, but were also used as T-shirt - designs.
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